Hair loss and thinning hair can result from many causes including stress, poor nutrition stress reduction herbal supplement (especially a Vitamin B and micro-mineral deficiency), hormonal imbalance, certain prescription drugs, thyroid disease, cancer and genetics.

Hair loss based in genetics can be countered with restorative and preventative methods such as tonic herbs. Whether caused by genetics or poor lifestyle habits….

Genetic Pattern Baldness. Is often attributed to the chemical DHT. It has been found that increasing levels of DHT in hair follicles cause a reaction that reduces blood flow to the follicle and harms the growth cycle of hair. These results in follicle shrinkage and finer and shorter hairs, eventually the follicle dies and stops producing hair. Areas that are ‘shiny bald’ no longer have live follicles and herbal therapy is unlikely to have an impact at this stage. Areas with shorter, fuzzy, fine hairs still have live follicles that can respond to herbal therapy.

Premature Graying Hair. The first step in treating hair loss naturally is to improve Qi and Blood circulation to the head/scalp, as well as improve the quality of the Blood. Early intervention is the key to limiting hair loss and promoting hair re-growth; as long as someone who has been slowly losing hair for years. Herbal tonic treatment can last 6 months or longer depending on the severity of the condition and the length of time that the condition has existed. Kidney Essence may have to be re-enforced throughout a lifetime for those who have genetic dispositions towards Kidney Deficiency.

Premature graying hair is also a key sign of Kidney Deficiency and tonic herbs such as Foti have long been utilized for graying hair. Many people are alarmed at losing hair or about graying prematurely and the impact on their outward appearance, but in Chinese medicine the whole body must thrive in order to have strong healthy hair. Chinese medicine principle that beauty comes from inner wellness and it is not enough to simply apply herbs tonic and conditioners to the hair; one must strengthen the organ systems that insure blood circulation and nutrient delivery to the hair for lasting improvement. While Chinese herbs are no quick fix to hair loss, it is reassuring that addressing hair loss through Chinese medicine works towards true wellness and is not just an attempt to gloss over what is likely a symptom of greater health imbalances.

Hair Loss in Aging. Aging and decline is seen as a natural part of the life cycle, but many centuries of application of tonic herbs have proven their value in curbing impact of aging so that we can progress in to middle age and old age enjoying an increased quality of life. Wellness is not just the absence of disease in Chinese medicine; it is represented by a lively energy, free flowing movement and a sound peaceful mind. Someone who is truly well can sleep through the night, have calm energy through the day, flexible, free of pain and have radiant skin and hair. Along with proper living habits such as good sleeping patterns, exercise such as walking, tai-qi or yoga and whole foods; natural Chinese tonic herb remedies play an important role in healthy hair maintenance and restoration.

How Chinese medicine work?
The yin and yang energies in our body must be balanced otherwise negative health effects can occur. If yang energy is too much, we will loses hair — a deficiency in the kidneys can also cause hair loss and both cause ‘heat’ in the body to rise until hair falls out and does not grow back. Chinese medicine believe that the condition of our hair follicles is directly related to our blood toxicity, so organs responsible for cleansing the blood, like kidneys, will be checked for deficiencies.

Interesting to uncover what is causing ‘excess heat,’ or yang energy, build up in the body, excesses of anything cause too much heat, especially overeating. “It is found that hair loss usually corresponds with overeating, so reducing stomach function to prevent hair loss and restore balance to the body.”

Anyone with overeating problems will need to slower, calmer way to eat to further reduce heat to increase the yin energy. Excess amounts of animal fats and proteins along with excess sweets especially can create the heat that rises to the top of the head causing hair to fall out. So there is a need trade the diet with more fresh fruit and vegetables which keep the energy inside allowing follicles to hold on to hair roots.

Greying hair and hair loss are associated with a yang deficiency of the kidney. Therefore, implantation of hair is only a superficial treatment for balding and it is not enough. It is important to strengthen the kidney energy so that the hair will grow again.



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