Hair loss, baldness and other problems that affect the hair are not limited to any particular race, group or individuals. It is considered one of the worries that disturb an individual.

Almost half of all men and many women face massive hair loss sometime in the span of their life. Most hair loss is said to be hereditary but there are other factors that can play a decisive role as well.

What is the reason behind hair loss?
Changing hormones are often the cause of hair loss, especially among pregnant women who have just given birth, as it happens due to imbalance in the level of hormones.

Diminished secretion of Estrogen hormone during and after reaching the stage of menopause.

Disruption of Hair Growth Cycle. Some major event can alter the hair’s growth cycle temporary. Example, delivering a baby, having surgery, going through a traumatic event, or having a serious illness or high fever can temporarily cause shedding of large amounts of hair. Because the hair we see on our heads has actually taken months to grow, we might not notice any disruption of the hair growth cycle until months after the event that caused it. This type of hair loss corrects itself.

Tension and Stress. The most common cause of hair loss, as the process begins after two or three months of high tension causing hormonal imbalance in the body and resulting in hair loss. Stress affects our hormones which results in poor-looking hair. Not just this, it can also lead to hair loss.

Get Stress Under Control. The hidden cause for hair fall is tension and stress. Stress damages overall of our body and our hair is no exception. Stressful situations might be the causes of hair fall; thus, it is necessary for us to control our stress effectively in order to stop the risk of hair loss. Loss of hair can be one of our body’s primary signals that we’re overdoing things and that it’s time to pull back. It is critical to identify our stress triggers. Once the cause is defined, it makes it easier for us to treat the stress. Be sure to get adequate sleep, the restorer of good health. Exercise regularly. Good as a stress reduction strategy, physical activity also encourages better circulation, including for our scalp. Any hobby that we’re interested or might take our minds off things due stressed is beneficial, such as reading, walking or going for a movie.

Rethink Our Diet. “You are what you eat” applies to hair health too. Hair and scalp problems can arise from either a deficiency or an excess of nutrients in our diet. Our hair cells need a balanced diet of proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to function at their best. Avoid extreme weight loss as well—another common factor of hair loss.

Poor nutritious diet and lack of vitamins, which a body needs for regular daily functioning and maintain the beauty and health of our hair and prevent hair loss. These vitamins can be obtained in various types of food, green vegetables and fresh fruits.

If we would like a head full of healthy hair, make sure to include foods in our diet which provide a balanced and protein-rich varied diet with a special focus on omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin A and C. Choose nutrient–dense foods if we are suffering from hormonal imbalance.

Balance Diet. Eat fruits/vegetables. This is probably the second most powerful without nutrients, we can kiss healthy body and healthy hair goodbye. Because without nutritious food how can we expect to FEEL good, and to LOOK good. One of the basic steps that need to be taken is ensuring the consumption of properly balanced, nutritious food. Hair loss can occur due to deficiencies in some important nutrients.

Eat more fresh vegetables to prevent constipation, insist on eating more grains, fruits. Such as reduced intake of vegetables, can easily cause constipation and “dirty blood,” thus affecting the quality of hair.

Foods such as salmon, herring, sardines, trout, mackerel, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, oysters, fortified cereals, beef and eggs, sweet potatoes, orange, carrots, cantaloupe, mangoes, green peas, papaya, pumpkin, apricots, dark leafy vegetables, lentils.

We Require Minerals for lustrous hair. Iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, manganese and Sulphur are the nutrients that help with hair growth. A balanced diet is definitely the first and best option, but then this might be easier said than done.

Eating healthy and being healthy. A good diet that is rich in nutrients and natural ingredients nourishes the body including not only the organs but also the skin and the hair. If we eat healthy and are healthy, this will often reflect in shiny, lustrous, healthy hair. While a good diet will not show results immediately, in the longer run it mean healthier and better looking hair.

Keep Hydrated. Water is extremely important for our hair as it energizes the nerve endings located in the scalp and roots and enhances the natural vitality of the scalp and roots of the hair.

Imbalanced Iron. A person is suffering from anemia. Make sure that we have enough iron in our diet, particularly if we are a vegetarian. Incomplete nutrition does not give our body sufficient quantity of iron and this leads to hair loss. Therefore, proper and balanced diet must be followed in order to avoid hair loss. A diet low in protein or iron can cause hair loss in teens. Youngsters who have been diagnosed with anemia or have an eating disorder are more prone to hair loss caused by a nutritional deficiency. Women, iron deficiency hair loss accounted for 30%, which is a common middle-aged women alopecia. Iron-rich foods should be added to the diet, such as black beans, eggs, octopus, shrimp, spinach, carp, carrots and more.

Avoid food or eating habits that can inhibit hair growth or encourage hair loss. There are some things we should not do or eat in order to avoid hurrying hair loss. The following things can harm our hair and bring about hair loss, either temporarily or even permanently depending on your genetic make-up:

• Avoid very low-calorie liquid diets, depleting our energy in a major way, such diets can cause hair loss.
• Avoid eating raw egg whites. Not only can these harbour bacteria that can harm us, raw egg whites contain a substance that binds biotin. This prevents its absorption.

Here’s an easy way to have great-looking hair: Eat a healthy diet. It’s not as weird as it sounds. A nutritious diet helps our body from the inside out!

No-no if we wish for Good Hair, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, junk food and heavily processed foods. They encourage chemical imbalances in the body. They do not have any nutritional value and hinder the absorption of important nutrients in the body. Consumption of alcohol and soft drinks degrade the quality of hair leading to thinning of hair. Nicotine and caffeine destroy Vitamin C present in the body, giving our hair a dull and dry look.

Apart from a Good Diet, Chill out, the other factor of fit and healthy body can also help since it helps to boost blood circulation in the body which can in turn stimulate hair growth. Elevated stress levels may cause an increase in shedding, so it’s important to take time to relax your mind. And while exercising is a great way to reduce tension, be aware: Too much working out can provoke hair loss. Hit the gym is just one way to boost our mood. Make it a point to do some deep breathing in the morning or when we are stressed to calm ourselves for our hair’s sake.

Enough Sleep. Sleep can contribute to skin and hair of normal metabolism subsidiary, and metabolism process occur mainly at night, especially 22:00pm to 2:00am between this period of time sufficient sleep, we can make hair normal metabolism. In contrast, the metabolism of hair and hair loss will be out of balance nutrition. Recommend: If possible every day of not less than six hours of sleep, at rest 10-30 minutes can be appropriate to develop a regular sleep habits.

Scalp Massage. Oftentimes, insufficient blood circulation in the scalp region and the hair follicle lead to hair loss problems. A mild scalp massage for 5-10 minutes every morning with some amount of coconut oil help stimulate circulation lead to healthy hair growth. This allows more blood and nutrient circulation all over our scalp, which helps in making our hair strong and healthy again. Good circulation in the scalp keeps hair follicles active. Hence, if we want to get our hair back start doing a massage on the scalp for getting the anticipated results. Many experts suggest scalp massage for thinning hair. Use one fingertip to apply almond or coconut oil in a circular motion it helps circulation of blood and strengthens hair roots. Hair oil works like a natural conditioner.

Practice meditation. Believe it or not, most of the times, the root cause for hair loss is stress and tension. Meditation can help in reducing that and restore hormonal balance.

Smoking and lack of sleep can also affect how our hair looks and feels. Hormonal imbalances due to undisciplined lifestyle have irreversible damaging impact on hair. Love our body and eat healthy and let our body love us back. Use natural products to stop hair fall, going for expensive salon treatments, may not be the solution.


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